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Versal® VCK5000 in the cloud

The AMD-Xilinx VCK5000 Versal Development Card is built on the Xilinx 7nm Versal® ACAP architecture and is designed for (AI) Engine development with Vitis end-to-end flow and AI Inference development with partner solutions.

Get a free cloud-based demo of VCK5000 with key partner solutions including - AI inference acceleration from Mipsology Zebra® and AI/ML intelligent video processing products from Aupera.


Experience AI inference development like never before

2x TCO Reduction vs Mainstream nVidia GPUs

  • 2x perf/w and perf/$ compared to Nvidia Ampere with standard MLPerf Models

  • Achieves 90% compute efficiency 

  • Consume less than 100W at card level

2x End-to-End Video Analytics Throughput vs nVidia GPUs

  • Full pipeline from H.264 decode to computer vision to up to 10 AI models

  • Video decode and CV run on x86 CPU or discrete U30 Alveo card

  • Plug-in based pipeline composition from FFmpeg / Gstreamer

Easy to Use with Familiar Frameworks

  • Easy-to-use software flow for any CPU & GPU users, no hardware programming required

  • Run inference from Tensorflow framework directly on board

  • State-of-the-art model supported with mainstream frameworks PyTorch, TensorFlow, TensoFlow 2 and Caffe

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Mipsology Zebra® on VCK5000 in the cloud

Experience the ease of use and flexibility of high performance compute acceleration. Zebra® on VCK5000 Development Card uses your current trained model to more quickly deploy realworld AI applications.


Click on the button below to access Zebra ® AI inference accelerator software in a few fast and simple steps in the VMAccel ® cloud.

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Aupera VMSS® 2.0 on VCK5000 in the cloud

Rapidly build, configure, and deploy Computer Vision pipelines using a graphical user interface (GUI); with no coding. 


Apply for a VMAccel® demo account and experience the Aupera® Video Machine Learning Streamer Server Solution 2.0 on AMD-Xilinx® VCK5000 Development Card in the cloud.