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Transform video data into actionable intelligence

Free Demo of Aupera® Video Machine Learning Streamer Server Solution 2.0 on AMD/Xilinx® VCK5000 Versal Development Card hosted on VMAccel® FPGA Cloud


Build, Configure, and Deploy computer vision applications on FPGA platforms with VMSS 2.0

VMSS 2.0 allows users to rapidly build, configure, and deploy Computer Vision pipelines using a graphical user interface (GUI); with no coding. Custom pipelines can be built using Aupera’s node toolkit; or by creating custom nodes which can be uploaded, built, tested, and used all from the GUI. 

Aupera’s applications can also be configured, launched, and visualized through the GUI. Users have a choice of checking the results of their custom pipeline through video overlays or by sending text output.

Run Aupera VMSS 2.0 on Versal VCK5000 in a few simple steps.

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Get 5 free demo hours of VMSS 2.0 in the VMAccel® cloud

Fill out the form to get a demo account and experience the Aupera® VMSS 2.0 software on AMD/Xilinx® VCK5000 Versal Development Card hosted at VMAccel® FPGA Cloud.

Follow the guide below to evaluate VMSS 2.0 by Aupera® in the VMAccel® cloud. For a walkthrough demo video, click here.

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