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The only cloud built to fully customize FPGAs.  Accelerate your AI/ML, research, genomics, data analytics or video / image workloads 10-100x faster with custom FPGA solutions.

Our Solutions


Solution for ISVs

ISVs develop and deliver their applications in the VMAccel cloud to their customers. Some ISVs choose the VMAccel cloud for its cost-effectiveness, scalability, agility and flexibility.

  • Completely Customizable

  • Hardware Configuration

  • Shell XRT Customization

  • Custom ISV Dashboard

  • Dedicated ISV cloud

  • App Store

Solution for End Users

End users can easily bring their workloads to the cloud with one click. With cost-effective acceleration solutions, create and manage your instances from anywhere in the world! 

  • Completely Customizable

  • Custom Billing

  • 1 click apps

  • Hardware Configuration

  • Shell/XRT Customization

Experience the power of VCK5000 on the VMAccel cloud

The Xilinx VCK5000 Versal development card is built on the Xilinx 7nm Versal® ACAP architecture and is designed for adaptable intelligent (AI) engine development with Vitis end-to-end flow and AI Inference development with partner solutions.

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Zebra AI Accelerator Demo

Zebra AI accelerator computes image-based neural network inference without making any changes to your existing neural network.

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Aupera VMSS 2.0 Demo

Transform video data into actionable intelligence.Build, configure, and deploy computer vision pipelines using a graphical user interface (GUI) without a code. 

Choose a solution to best support your business goals

VMAccel does not have a one size fits all cloud acceleration solution. We believe that FPGAs are the future- completely customizable down to bare metal. So why shouldn’t your cloud be?


  • Completely customizable

  • Bare Metal, VM, or Docker/k8s based

  • HW configuration

  • Additional RAM, CPU, NVMe, etc.

  • Not a “one-size-fits-all” approach

  • Shell / XRT –ISVs can work in any shell version or outside the shell entirely

  • No vendor lock

  • Custom ISV dashboard – white label available

  • Dedicated ISV cloud

  • Offer your customers pre-configured and pre-validated 1-click instances on dedicated VMAccel infrastructure


  • Optimal for both Demos and Runtime Environments

  • containers, VMs, and baremetal

  • Allow clients to purchase and deploy your application without  significant additional hardware investments

  • Lower TCO for you and your clients

  • Various billing models available to ensure simplicity for ISVs and their clients

Ease of Use

  • Portability between on-prem and cloud

  • No code changes are required to move between on-prem and cloud

  • Plug-and-play

  • Standard Shell & XRT versions – no vendor lock, unlike other clouds

  • Web GUI or SSH access

  • Full access to all board features and interfaces – optional JTAG, QSFP, etc.

  • Full bare-metal experience and performance in the cloud

  • Seamlessly support Nimbix/Jarvice flow

Accelerator Cards in the VMAccel Cloud

Choose from our vast collection of accelerator cards to accelerate your workloads in the cloud.

... and more!

Need a fully customized FPGA cloud solution?

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