Fully Customizable FPGA Cloud Solutions

We offer customizable cloud solutions to accelerate your AI / ML, research, EDA, genomics, data analytics, or video / image workloads 10-100x faster than CPUs or GPUs with FPGAs.

FPGA As A Service (FaaS)

VMAccel’s cloud platform enables users of all skill levels to implement FPGAs into their computational workloads. Using our wide array of instance types, you can deploy existing FPGA code in 1-click, develop new bitstreams in our pre-configured development environments, and much more. 


Our FPGAs can achieve speed improvements of 10x-100x for your workloads when compared to running on CPUs or GPUs 


Our cloud platform enables users to scale out FPGA workloads to a virtually unlimited number of cards 


Production workloads can be scaled in virtual machines, on bare metal, or with our containerized solutions. 

Flexibility & Customization 

Only VMAccel offers the ability to connect directly to the JTAG interface on FPGAs for seamless debugging

VMAccel offers client-specific customization down to the hardware level 

High Speed 100 Gb/s QSFP+ interfaces can be utilized by any customer in our cloud!

Customer hardware can be integrated into dedicated systems upon request 

Ease of Use & Transition

Our wide range of FPGA offerings allow users of all skill levels to start using FPGAs. Our library of 3rd party bitstreams gives users 1-click solutions, and our preconfigured development instances allow users to get started developing custom bitstreams quickly and easily.  

Unprecedented Flexibility. Impeccable Reliability.

Our Partners

VMAccel’s cloud platform enables users of all skill levels to leverage FPGAs in their workloads. We offer many types of instances, each tailored for different types of users:

  • Simple, easy one-click acceleration applications for users who do not wish to develop their own FPGA code

  • Preconfigured instances with complete development environments, drivers, simulation tools, and everything else necessary for development on FPGAs. Supports a wide range of developer flows, including low-level RTL, OpenCL, C++, Python, and more.

  • No requirement to "register images" or get FPGA code reviewed - complete privacy

  • Completely custom environments, images, drivers, and more for advanced users. 

  • Options to use virtualized, containerized, or bare metal instances

  • Optional low-level access to hardware interfaces, JTAG, and QSFP+ for any users. 

  • Optional  custom infrastructure for advanced users


Our hardware acceleration capabilities are useful in many HPC applications to solve problems in business, engineering, and science which require large compute, high bandwidth, and/or low latency.


Examples of applications that benefit from our acceleration include AI, image and video processing/transcoding, genomics, search/analytics, database acceleration,  network security, big data analytics, electronic design automation (EDA), and compression. 

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